Raw Material

by Dvanov

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Voda-i-ryba (Fish and Water) was founded in the city of Krasnodar (The South of Russia). In 2013 band removed into the city of Saint-Petersburg.
In 2011 Voda-i-Ryba recorded two EPs – Warsaw and Better Times. In august`2014 the band recorded EP America.

Music of band is mix of dark indie and avant rock with gloomy guitar and taut female vocal. In heart of Voda_i_ryba are lyrics poems of Russian poet Ivan Beletsky, translated into English.

The first band’s album – Raw Material – was recorded in 2015 in Krasnodar and St. Petersburg. Through these eight tracks the musicians tried to go deep into the essenсe of such concepts as labour, aging, restlessness, victory and defeat.
The dominant musical role is given to dirty guitar sound, saturated raw synth parts and vocal forcing through the musical canvas.
As well as in the previous release – EP America – the form and matter of the songs were strongly influenced by the works of classical American artists – William Faulkner, Herman Melville, Grant Wood, Edward Hopper.
A bit of South Russian steppe gothic and metaphysical travels across the Hýpanis and Tanais rivers, separating the habitable part of world from the rest of the earth. The dark music of the yellow boars, the crack of horizon and the short roof.


released March 4, 2015



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Dvanov Saint Petersburg, Russia

The band Dvanov was founded in Saint Petersburg (Russia) in 2015. The band’s style is the synthesis of psychedelic rock, blues and folk.
The band’s esthetics tends to little-known Russian “secret South” where the histories of 3000-year-old civilization, nomadic tribes, civil war, endless plains and hidden crimes meet.
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Track Name: Fruits of The Labour
Fruits of the labor (by I.Beletsky, translated by O.Pokhodzey)

The slower you move – the faster life goes
Cupboard gets to the top, you don’t.
To grasp the age with teeth,
were always not worth a damn
Though stood steady, like wonders of nature

Acacia means America.
Spotty leaves on the blue.
Now you’re for sure ready to go вown
The valley to the deaf forefathers.

It’s limpid now in the room.
At this time the fruits of the labour
Separate from their author,
Stop being the labour itself.
And the sorrow deceives.
The season washed out from sorrow
Is in view beforehand.
Track Name: Salt2
Salt2(By I.Beletsky, translated by I.Veselov)

Not to be included
in the list of invited,
join other’s habits,
To confuse words

with the words,
with the words.

Not a lot of fun,
indeed, in former,
later or last.
Epos of yours goes on,

but the subject
is obscured.

Everything is just
the salt of memories.
The salt of memories.
Say the word
and it’ll fill the days
with the likelihood.
Track Name: Ain`t No Grave
Ain`t no grave (by Claude Ely)

There ain't no grave
Can hold my body down
There ain't no grave
Can hold my body down

When I hear that trumpet sound
I'm gonna rise right out of the ground
Ain't no grave
Can hold my body down

Well, look down yonder, Gabriel
Put your feet on the land and sea
But Gabriel, don't you blow your trumpet
Until you hear from me

There ain't no grave
Can hold my body down
Ain't no grave
Can hold my body down

So meet me, Jesus, meet me
Meet me in the middle of the air
And if these wings don't fail me,
I will meet you anywhere

Ain't no grave
Can hold my body down
There ain't no grave
Can hold my body down

So meet me, Mother and Father,
Meet me down the river road
And Mama, you know that I'll be there
When I check in my load

Ain't no grave
Can hold my body down
There ain't no grave
Can hold my body down
There ain't no grave
Can hold my body down
Track Name: The Pole
Pole (by I.Beletsky, translated by Nadya Rori)

Steam hides the dogs and with steam sky is muffled
You knew of the pole, from priority suffered
Coughed with the snow, rolled yourself up in snowdrifts
Consoling yourself with searchings of evidence

Sport, just the sport with entries obscure
Furry Greenlanders feed their sledge-dogs poor
And you will report - that frozen is even the cognac
The further you`re going

There`s more rubble ice of initial source
And, sure, almost any looks like the sought
On mainland they also get tired of waiting thus
Some years, some months
Some years, some months

The ice doesn`t grow old with annual rings -
As thus do the trees
The ice doesn`t grow old with annual rings -
As thus do the trees